Two Cities Society

The Frostfur Captives

Our first Pathfinder Society event went extremely well, I think. The Frostfur Captives is a favorite among many GMs and players and it was a joy to give the goblins and the ice troll unique personalities. One downside to PFS events at game stores is because of time limitations, it’s hard to squeeze role-playing into a 5-hour session and Frostfur is already a long scenario with all of the encounters. By the time Jane and I were finished playing Frostfur at Dragon’s Lair, the store was preparing to close.

Fortunately, home games don’t have that problem. You still want encounters to move at a solid pace but I had the luxury of spending several minutes here and there letting the goblins be goblins and giving Rimetusk some actual dialog.

One thing that Jane can tell you is that if she notices me practicing a particular accent or manner of speaking in day-to-day conversation (“You gonna’ be passin’ me ta’ salt, ya’ undahstand.”) for a week prior to a gaming session, it probably means that personality is going to be portrayed.

The best part is no one intimidated the troll, he got to wrestle twice, and the overall mission was a success. The sad part was poor Squooch didn’t make it after she took an axe to the chest. The sadder part was I didn’t try as hard as I could have when attempting to kill Chormmy with the ingested alchemist fire—it should have been an auto-coup-de-grace. C’est la vie.


triti triti

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