Two Cities Society

The Dungeon Deep... Delved

Ghouls for breakfast, spiders for lunch, and kobolds for dinner!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for making this session such a great success. First Steps, Part II: To Delve the Dungeon Deep is a kick down the doors dungeon crawl with undead, giant spiders (well, a giant spider), and kobolds. I’m pleased to say that it was one of the smoothest scenarios I’ve run so far. The monsters are simple and the combat tactics are straightforward.

The Pathfinders encountered Maurit Zergo in the early stages of her ghoulish transformation at the entrance to the keep, talked her into drawing a map of the place, and offered to “free” her from her suffering. They discovered the room of trade agreements right away and were attacked by a hungry blindheim. This fight was a lot more intensive than I thought it would be due to the blind fighting mechanics and several full attacks that the monster was able to get away with.

Next was the room with the giant spider that was quickly put away by the group. After clearing away the spider webs, the group listened at the door and heard a sorrowful moaning. Convinced it was zombies, the party readied for an assault only to find an empty well.

An empty, haunted, suicide well. Amusingly, both Ikarus and Daedalus fell in. Ah… Beautiful, delicious irony. After rescuing their bruised companion, the Pathfinders decided to leave the well alone. It remains haunted to this day and forever more.

Next was the kobold tribe. Tarka and her friends took up a defensive posture but were all cut down by the party. The next group, in defense of their “fire speaker”, attacked the party as soon as they charged in. The eidolon sighted the skulk who made a fiery exit, hitting Volstagg and then the eidolon, before climbing down the well. He didn’t make it far before getting a face full of lead and hammer, losing his grip, and meeting a sudden end twenty feet down.

It seems he didn’t understand… (puts on sunglasses) the gravity of his situation.


The jade katana was retrieved and returned to Amari Li but not before the Pathfinders discovered its secret. Major Colson Maldris thanked the group for their efforts in destroying the undead, and the trade agreements were graciously welcomed by Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam.

Tarka, the kobold, was left unconscious and mentally scarred by the sight of her only loyal friends beheaded before her eyes. The kobolds who survived their injuries reluctantly accept her again as their leader now that the “one who speaks with fire” is dead. Should she ever meet her attackers in the Cairnlands again, she vows to stop at nothing to kill them by any means possible. Tarka’s sole desire in life is to bleed them slowly while watching the light fade from her victim’s eyes.


triti triti

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