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In Service to Lore

Due to a scheduling flarg-up that was pretty much my fault, Jon wasn’t able to join our normally scheduled Council of Thieves game so we decided to run a PFS scenario—First Steps, Part I: In Service to Lore. This was Georgia’s first PFS game and she used a pre-generated character—Lirianne, the gunslinger iconic. Thea had already chosen her faction in The Frostfur Captives but this was the only other scenario that I had read and prepped, and only barely just at that. I wasn’t running it cold but it was certainly tepid. There’s not a whole lot of combat in this scenario so I wasn’t concerned about running it with only minimal preparation.

Most of the encounters went well although I get the sense that retrieving the seven-lock box from the imp wasn’t nearly as… Effortless as I had hoped it would be. Since Tier 1 scenarios can be replayed for credit here’s a hint for all of you: You can actually accomplish all four tasks with no, none, zilch, nada, zero combat. Figure it out.

My favorite part was how the players figured out the key puzzle for the Osirion faction leader. It was a most Acrobatic performance. Well done, I must say!

Don’t expect me to run the Szcarni warehouse crate encounter the same way next time. The way we ran it this time was fun, don’t get me wrong. Let’s just say I have ideas.

We ran short on time during the last fight and I had to call the game. The battle wasn’t going well for the Pathfinders, Thea was unconscious for the second time and had nearly already died once. Ezren (the pre-gen I was running) had just been knocked out but stabilized and things weren’t looking good for either Lirianne or Evelyn. I judged the outcome such that everyone was subdued, their weapons stolen, and the Chelish seven-lock box was taken. Overall, the mission was a success and everyone got full prestige/fame but the gp awards were reduced accordingly. Additionally, Thea and Evelyn both had to purchase new weapons. Sort of a mixed good/bad ending but that’s how it goes sometimes.


triti triti

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