Two Cities Society

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Active Agent Roster

Ansel Krulwich
Tattooed battlefield controller
Chothrom “Nice Guy” Fortunado
Lawful do-gooder
Great-axe swinging healer
Effervescent dealer of damage
Eagle-eyed elven sniper
Ikarus T. Metterwik
A fancy lad with the scary pet
Thea Silvertongue
Insane halfing slasher-murderer
Valerian Quikswitch
Wolf-riding nature-balancing gnome
Volstagg Thunderhammer
One angry dwarf

Two Cities Society is not currently accepting new recruits.

Prepare for Adventure

The Pathfinder Society is a global organization of like-minded adventurers and explorers. Its agents, known as Pathfinders, explore the world to discover new locations and hidden treasures, report their findings to their venture-captains via chronicles, and cooperate with each other to further the goals of the Society.

Venture-captains manage Pathfinders, assigning tasks and collecting artifacts and journals. They receive their orders from the Decemvirate, ten masked individuals shrouded in mystery. Within the Society exist several factions whose leaders instruct their agents to complete side-missions to further the faction’s goals. In exchange, they award their agents fame, prestige, and boons. Five factions represent nations of the Inner Sea region locked in a covert war for control of Absalom—Andoran, Cheliax, Osirion, Qadira, and Taldor. Others represent external groups, entire continents, or divisions within the Pathfinder Society such as the Grand Lodge, the Lantern Lodge, the Sczarni, the Shadow Lodge, and the Silver Crusade.

You are a Pathfinder and your goal is to seek adventure and fortune or to die trying.

What is Organized Play?


Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a living campaign where your character exists in a world shared with thousands of other players. Instead of being limited to single group of players, you may play your character at any Pathfinder Society event with different players run by different game masters. Organized play allows for a very social gaming experience with new people at every event.

In addition to the Two Cities Society events, you may be interested in Pathfinder Society events in Austin at Dragons’s Lair Comics and Fantasy or in Houston at Asgard Games.

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Two Cities Society

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